Commercial Fleets: Road-Facing

SmartWitness commercial fleet dashcams protect your drivers, vehicles and cargo with video evidence to monitor driving behaviors and record exactly what happened in an incident.


Capturing the truth starts here.

Mounted on the windshield or dashboard, SmartWitness wide-angle, road-facing cameras are the starting point for video telematics, and one of the most critical. These commercial fleet dashcams cover the front view of the vehicle, capturing the critical data and evidence needed to protect drivers, vehicles and fleet investments.

SmartWitness video telematics systems and technology are designed to be modular to fit each customer’s precise needs. Choose the solutions that are right for you:

  • Adds context to external road events and harsh behaviors
  • Speeds claims resolution/exoneration of driver/fleet owner from false claims
  • Mitigates personal injury claims/potentially high litigation costs
  • Positively impacts driver behavior
  • Reduces vehicle wear and tear by encouraging smoother driving habits
  • Can positively impact insurance premiums
  • Shows what the driver could see before, during and immediately following an incident
  • Fleet managers just starting a video program
  • Independent owner/operators
  • Passenger vehicle owners/drivers
  • Mobile workforce/sales personnel
  • Drivers consistently operating in extreme road conditions
  • Fleets with restrictions that remove possibility of driver facing cameras

Consider upgrading or adding additional cameras when:

  • Instituting a driver safety, behavior or scorecarding program
  • You want to add coaching to improve driver behaviors
  • You need to link individual driver behavior with events
  • You require advanced exoneration support — more data to show what the driver was doing before, during and after an event to address an incident or litigation
  • Drivers are ready for real-time device notifications, reducing the need for personal coaching sessions

If any of these needs apply to you, visit our commercial fleets road & driver solutions page.

Choose from the following SmartWitness road-facing products:



Road-Facing Camera

  • Road-facing camera with ADAS, safe driving alerts
  • Telematics and video on one device
  • Our smallest footprint, easy self-install—self-install requires telematics software, available through your telematics service provider or SmartWitness reseller


  • Makes video telematics easy and inexpensive to add to your fleet
  • Fast, easy install puts vehicles back on the road faster


Road-Facing Camera

  • Powerful video transmission with built-in tracking and telematics data
  • Infrared to see more clearly at night


  • Ability to capture the best angle through articulated arm feature

Video goes beyond the camera

In addition to a broad lineup of hardware, we offer software solutions that are configurable to your specific recording and data needs. A variety of features are available for our ADAS-enabled (AP1, KP2) and DSM-enabled (KP2) devices:

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) alerts

ADAS Features