Concrete and Ready-Mix: Road and Driver-Facing

SmartWitness cameras for concrete and ready-mix trucks protect your operators and equipment with video evidence to monitor and coach driving behaviors and record exactly what happened in an incident.


Combining events with behaviors.
Pairing SmartWitness road-facing and driver-facing cameras provide valuable evidence of what actually occurred and how the operator reacted in the time around an event.

Video is particularly important in litigation, where road/driver footage can be the difference between exoneration and a huge judgement.

A driver-facing camera also is a great tool to support operator safety programs, focusing on potentially risky behaviors that can contribute to increased vehicle insurance or litigation costs, repair/maintenance expenses, or cargo damage.

SmartWitness AI technology dramatically reduces false positives that don’t require your attention such as harsh braking when traveling downhill or accelerating while merging.

SmartWitness video telematics systems and technology are designed to be modular to fit each customer’s precise needs. Choose the solutions that are right for you:

  • Adds well-rounded context, shedding light on road events and driving behaviors simultaneously
  • Easy to integrate—no need to add a new software system to manage video. Integrates into existing software systems.
  • Ensures stops and deliveries are being made as planned, with video plus GPS/routing
  • Enables custom event triggers for photos/video. Can be set up for every time a vehicle leaves a site or loading zone (via geofence), finishes a task, or completes maintenance.
  • Reduces vehicle wear and tear by encouraging smoother driving
  • Provides an overview of driver habits/problematic behaviors for individual coaching
  • Can mitigate personal injury claims and exorbitant litigation costs
  • Enables quick fault determination, faster claims resolution and false claims exoneration
  • Can positively impact insurance premiums
  • On- and off-road vehicles
  • Hauling/utility vehicles
  • Moving equipment from one jobsite to another
  • Independent owner/operators
  • Fleets
  • Passenger vehicle owners/drivers
  • Mobile workforce/sales personnel
  • Long-haul trucking
  • Transportation and monitoring of high-value materials and equipment

Consider upgrading or adding additional cameras when:

  • Increased vehicle blind-spot visibility (side/rear views) is required
  • Better visibility of loading/unloading is needed
  • You need to maintain visibility of materials or equipment being hauled at all times (in-truck/back views)
  • You require expanded accident reconstruction evidence (side-swipes, turns, blind-spot incidents, rear-of-vehicle incidents)
  • You need to show video proof of services rendered/deliveries made

If any of these requirements apply to you, visit our concrete and ready-mix road, driver & multi-view solutions page.

Combine the following SmartWitness road & driver-facing products for increased visibility:



Road-Facing Camera

  • Powerful video transmission with built-in tracking and telematics data
  • Optional second plug-and-play camera (050-B) can be connected to the main unit for recording the driver/vehicle interior
  • Infrared to see more clearly at night


  • Ability to capture the best angle through articulated arm feature


Driver-facing camera

  • Ruggedized design for dependable performance
  • Infrared for clear night visibility
  • Easy-add plug-and-play compatibility with CP2 dashcam
  • Energy efficient low power consumption

Video goes beyond the camera

In addition to a comprehensive array of cameras, SmartWitness software solutions add configurability to meet your specific recording and data needs. A variety of features are available for our ADAS-enabled (AP1, KP2) and DSM-enabled (KP2) devices:

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) alerts

DSM (Driver State Monitoring)

ADAS/DSM Features