Video Telematics Solutions for Fleets

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Video telematics offers features and functions to meet a variety of needs across fleets of all types and sizes. Whatever the fleet, whatever the need, SmartWitness has a solution.

Video telematics solutions can deliver real value across a wide variety of fleet types — truck transportation, delivery vehicles, municipal vehicles, first responder vehicles and more — each with its own unique set of needs. But whatever the vehicle purpose, video telematics serves some critical needs shared by all.


Need: Visual Documentation / Confirmation of Events

A dashcam, strategically placed exterior cameras or a combination of the two can provide an accurate view of what was happening around the vehicle at the time of an event. Free SmartWitness AIDE software uses AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically confirm that there actually was an event and not a pothole or other normal occurrence, dramatically reducing the number of time-consuming false positives that occur typically with conventional technologies.


Need: Visual Monitoring of Vehicle Interior

Interior-facing cameras monitor what’s happening inside the vehicle—useful to determine if driver fatigue or distraction contributes to an accident, and also to document other parts of the vehicle interior, such as passengers on a bus or a patient and caregivers in an ambulance. SmartWitness CP2 offers an optional driver-facing camera; multi-view solutions can be tailored to provide coverage of other parts of the vehicle interior.


Need: Driver Coaching / Training

Driver-facing cameras also can be highly useful for nonpunitive driver coaching and training, providing fleet managers with individual driver data to identify risky behaviors and provide focused coaching/training. SmartWitness offers cameras such as the AP1 with integrated ADAS (Automatic Driver Assist System) technologies to support drivers in real time with alerts such as speeding, vehicle proximity and others that can improve driver skills and behaviors over time.


Need: Protect Drivers/Improve Safety

SmartWitness has AI-enabled DSM (Driver State Monitoring) technology in driver-facing solutions with special algorithms to detect driver fatigue or distraction—useful to rule out in the event of an accident or incident. Real-time alerts in the AP1 ADAS camera offer a powerful driver safety tool to avoid an accident in the first place.


Need: Documentation/Proof of Services

Strategically placed external cameras can be useful for delivery vehicles to provide visual, time-stamped proof of services such as package drop-off. SmartWitness multi-view solutions meet the need.


Need: Protect the Fleet Owner (and Driver) From False Claims and Litigation

The visual nature and coverage of SmartWitness video telematics products can provide critical evidence of what did and didn’t happen, protecting fleet owners from potentially devastating judgements in litigation. This is equally important for drivers—many dislike video until it exonerates them from blame.


Need: Regulatory Compliance

Video telematics solutions are valuable for supporting and documenting regulatory compliance, particularly in Europe, which has standards requiring driver visibility of vulnerable road users and a variety of other regulations. In the U.S., SmartWitness automatic driver identification in its AI Tech Package can support compliance to FMCSA Hours of Service regulations.

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