SmartWitness and European Truck Racing

From the Track to the Street (FT2S)

FIA ETRC Sponsorship: Pushing the Limits of Video Telematics

SmartWitness provides leading video telematics technology for the highly popular FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC), supporting judicial review for safety rules enforcement and in-cab driver views for enhanced fan excitement. Another benefit — races provide valuable insights that guide our new product development in the commercial transportation world.

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Judicial Review Powered by SmartWitness

Safety is a key criteria in the competitions. If judges determine fault in collisions and other incidents, they can deduct points that can affect a race outcome. This is where SmartWitness comes in. SmartWitness supplies HD video telematics equipment and expertise to provide a truer truth for judicial review.

truck racing
truck racing
truck racing

A Popular Racing Sport in Europe

The FIA ETRC is a wildly popular truck racing series with events across Europe. Competitors drive race-tuned semi-tractors in high-speed races on a seven-round calendar from May through October. The sport enjoys a huge following with more than 100 million fans worldwide.

Driver View Adds Excitement to the Fan Experience.

In addition to supporting race safety and rules compliance, rugged SmartWitness driver-facing cameras provide fans with real-time views of the cab and driver. High-resolution cab footage combines with track-facing video to create a “you are there” sense that adds real excitement for race viewers.

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FT2S: Benefitting Drivers and Fleets in the Real World

Our ETRC partnership pushes our technology to the limit in high-speed, high-vibration conditions. We’re putting race data to work in our global FT2S (From the Track to the Street) initiative, aimed at improving risk mitigation and safety, installation and set-up, software and services, and driver engagement and retention in the real world.

Testimonial from Georg fuchs, ETRC managing director

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