Part of the Sensata Family of Leaders

Accelerating Our Tech Leadership.

As part of parent company Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), SmartWitness has joined a company with a 100-year-old heritage of solving customer problems through engineered technologies. Stronger together, Sensata brings a wealth of telematics and sensor knowledge that, combined with SmartWitness’ video expertise, creates a strong value proposition for our customers and the customers they serve.

Sensata: Future Focused.

Sensata is a global industrial technology company and leader in sensor-based solutions that provide critical insights for customers and end users across multiple sectors. Sensors are the fundamental building blocks behind the four major trends shaping our markets over the next decade: Clean & Efficient, Electrification, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart & Connected.

We are a key player as part of Sensata Insights, a business unit within the Smart & Connected initiative, where our video telematics leadership and expertise contribute to an ever broader and better value proposition for the fleet owners and managers we serve through our channel partners.

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Moving Forward, Faster.

At Sensata Insights, we are developing the next generation of video telematics to simplify, not complicate, fleet managers’ lives. We’re designing and engineering solutions that make this important technology more accessible to more fleets, increasing adoption to serve a powerful purpose: safer drivers and safer roads; more productive fleets and a more productive transportation system.

With Sensata Technologies’ resources and commitment behind us, we are moving forward, faster.