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Easily integrate SmartWitness technology into any web application.

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SmartAPI from SmartWitness empowers telematics service providers and other integrators to embed SmartWitness video and data easily and seamlessly. And our documentation is second to none.

Our REST API and real-time webhooks (gzipped JSON array) allow service providers to quickly add a video solution to any telematics or fleet management software platform. SmartWitness can even be used as a stand-alone GPS tracker and video solution without requiring any additional telematics hardware. Integrated GPS and three-axis G-sensor features enable real-time location tracking and drive behavior reporting, all in a simple windshield-mounted device.

SmartWitness utilizes local storage on the device and a unique data flow to keep cellular data usage low while not restricting access to crucial evidence. SmartWitness is carrier agnostic and currently can connect to nearly every cellular provider in the world.

SmartWitness also offers an advanced vehicle input/output (I/O) interface to provide additional driving data and event metrics, such as door opening, braking, reversing, vehicle horn, door lock, seatbelt, turn signal and more. The SmartAPI workstation allows for device management, provisioning, over-the-air (OTA) firmware, update programming and troubleshooting.

Smart API Features and Benefits

  • Live images and high-definition (HD) video delivered directly to your platform

  • Postman package and sample API client to make integration fast and easy

  • SmartWitness GPS and accelerometer data utilized as a stand-alone solution or option to continue to use your tracker hardware

  • OTA provisioning, configuration and firmware updates with included workstation software

  • Data, hosting and device setup all included in a true turnkey solution

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