Pilot Program Showed 28% Reduction in Road Incidents and Insurance Disputes were Reduced 38%

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Over 100 Fleets using SmartView Saw 38% Reduction in Insurance Disputes and 28% Reduction in Incidents

Video telematics innovator SmartWitness has released a major update to “SmartView”, their state-of-the-art video tracking software for fleets. The cloud-based software puts fleet managers in full control of their fleets’ safety and offers real-time insight with instant First Notification of Loss (FNOL) in the event of a collision. Long term costs savings are also seen in improved fuel efficiency and improved safety records due to the better driver education and training from the built-in behavior metrics.

A pilot program consisting of over 100 business and 1,000 total vehicles were implemented to gain feedback and refine the offering specific to the UK fleet managers’ requirements. The results of the roll-out showed a huge reduction in insurance disputes as well as reducing incidents by 28%.

Barry James – UK FleetInsurance

Insurance company insider Barry James has 25 years experience of insuring fleets and is the Managing Director of UK FleetInsurance.

Barry said: “Reduction in insurance premiums and payouts is significant in the first year. With respect to insurance premiums, this does differ from fleet to fleet but as a general rule, it’s around 30% in insurance costs 12 months after installing SmartWitness systems. There are even insurers that will lock in future years’ discounts and cap future years’ increases for anything up to five years. This is great for businesses who have not had the best claims performance in the past and that now want to more accurately predict future years’ costs.”

And he added: ”We chose SmartWitness because they truly understand what needs to be delivered to customers to offer genuine fleet management which in turn lowers their insurance costs. You simply can’t afford to be not covered in the case of a serious incident these days, it is absolutely imperative that you have video evidence to protect your fleet from claims.

The cost of the technology is now at a point that it’s easily within reach of any size of operator.”

Paul Singh, Co-Founder, and MD from SmartWitness U.K. said, “SmartView has gone through the most rigorous testing possible – the scrutiny of the top fleet managers in the UK. The Fleet Managers’ feedback to our designers, resulted in SmartWitness delivering to them exactly what they are looking for in live video tracking software. We now have a system that delivers significant cost savings for fleet owners, insurance, safety, and fuel efficiency.”

SmartView Platform

Fleet Overview Dashboard 

Vehicle Location Overview 

Driver Behavior Reports Dashboard

Video Alerts/Events Dashboard 

High-Definition Video Audio Playback

SmartView Video History

The updated SmartView platform has several new features including:

  • More intuitive user interface
  • Increased performance and reliability 
  • On-demand HD video downloads for multiple cameras including interior cameras for all fleet vehicles
  • Live data and video sent to fleet managers and insurers within seconds in the event of incidents.
  • Enhanced Map features show exactly where your fleet is at any time and allow video/image requests directly from location points. 
  • Tracking shows the route and position at any given time so historical use of vehicles can be monitored.
  • Enhanced driver behavior reporting on active time, idle time, distance traveled, speed, acceleration, braking, turn, and shock events with easy to view graphs and simple reporting (which is exportable).
  • Safety-critical events like Panic Button and Severe Shock upload HD video automatically and instantly.
  • Enhanced support for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Support for 4 and 8 channel systems: SmartWitness’ own CP4 and CRX devices.
SmartView Overview Video

Industry statistics show the faster any claim can be picked up and managed by the insurer; claim costs are lower. SmartView combines video with GPS tracking in one convenient application, allowing fleets to reduce and consolidate their recurring technology costs.

SmartView and the SmartWitness CP2 camera was also recently adopted by the British Truck Racing Association as their VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system, and judges on race days will be able to pull up incident footage to check on any possible infringements of the rules. SmartView is available as a white-label solution to our channel partners. To learn more contact our offices in the United Kingdom or the United States

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