SmartAPI Enables All Telematics Solutions to Add Videos to Their Telematics Platform

Glasgow, Scotland - A driver's point of view of the M8 motorway in Glasgow, with traffic congestion and surface water during a rain shower.

SmartAPI enables all telematics solutions to add video support easily and securely. This means that van fleet managers can continue with their existing telematics services and simply add real-time video insights into their fleet assets. First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and insurance claim mitigation can be enabled without requiring fleet owners/managers to switch from existing operations’ technology to implementing a new software platform. Nearly 40 telematics solutions are already integrated with SmartAPI with more set to happen soon.

The benefits of video telematics are clear. Without video evidence for road incidents, your fleet is at serious risk of incurring expensive insurance claims, lost time and lengthy legal disputes. Telematics-driven data such as geo-fencing, aggressive driving behaviours, and vehicle triggers are documented and collaborated with the visuals that video evidence provides.

SmartAPI allows for instant FNOL to your insurer and fleet manager. The major advantage of the SmartWitness software is it allows HD video files to be sent using a minimal amount of cellular data. This combined with a RESTful API and customizable webhooks enables all tracking and telematics solutions to upgrade to the next generation of video telematics, without the expensive downtime of replacing the entire hardware system.

When SmartWitness camera devices are connected with the SmartAPI server, they can be used as a stand-alone video telematics devices. The camera device transmits rich data such as GPS location, G-Sensor and Gyro data, vehicle speed, ignition status, and more. This data is then uploaded from the cameras to the SmartAPI server over a secure cellular connection. Then SmartAPI decrypts, parses, and converts this real-time data into a digital format, sending it to the telematics platform. SmartAPI is securely hosted in the AWS cloud for the USA and UK, so the system is reliable for commercial fleets in these regions.

SmartAPI makes it possible for all traditional black box tracking systems to become video telematics’ platform quickly and inexpensively with little or no vehicle down-time.

Some of the main benefits of the SmartAPI solution:

  • Improvement of Driver Performance
  • Reduction of Costs – reduced accidents and lower insurance premiums
  • Better Risk Management – Instant FNOL and Crisis Management
  • Pro-Active Intervention Against False Third-Party Claims
  • Operational Improvement for Fleet Managements

The video data allows visual context to platform data received from traditional telematics and tracking systems which gives a much more accurate analysis of driver data and behaviour. The SmartAPI solution is fully scale-able and flexible so you can easily select which fleet asset will use the platform, either increasing or decreasing the number of vehicles covered quickly and at a low cost.

Driving risk is then reduced by offering the most accurate driver data and behaviour analysis which reduces potential liability for the fleet management and insurance costs, allowing better protection for your drivers, vehicle, and company brand.

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