SmartGuard Fleet Management Solution Wins Top UK Safety Award


SmartGuard fleet management software has won a prestigious Brake Safety Award, at the annual Global Fleet Champions Awards. 

SmartGuard was chosen to win the Dr. Will Murray Award for Analysis and Action, a category which rewards the best new technology in risk assessment, and best use of crash data analysis to prevent future incidents.

Brake is the leading road safety charity in the UK and their awards are the highest accolade in the UK for road safety products.

SmartGuard impressed the judges because it works for any size of fleet and puts managers in full control of all their vehicles at any time of day. SmartGuard risk management software filters out all non-critical fleet data and only alerts fleet managers to issues that really need their attention, and provides them with concise driver league tables. 

SmartGuard works hand in hand with SmartWitness Video Telematics services, which provide HD Video and accurate GPS and G-sensor data to the SmartGuard Monitoring Centre. When analysed this data shows harsh braking, aggressive accelerating, tailgating, speeding, driver distraction and other indicators of risky or dangerous driving. The SmartGuard service also removes all the false positives by viewing video footage on all events to check the context for any incident.

For example, a driver may engage harsh braking to avoid a child running into the road. Without the contextual analysis of video, this would have been logged as poor driver behavior but in actual fact it is commendable.

SmartGuard uses AI monitoring as well as a 24/7 staffed call centre to check incidents against the video footage in every case.

SmartGuard Benefits

  • Manage your fleet on the go – compatible with PCs and smartphones
  • Improvement of Driver Behaviour
  • Reduction of Costs – reduced accidents, lower premiums, better fuel efficiency
  •  Better Risk Management – instant FNOL and incident management
  •  Pro-active intervention against false third party claims
  •  Operational overhead savings.

During the year-long pilot scheme with SmartGuard, the safety improvements for fleets have been unprecedented. On average fleets saw a 27% reduction in claim frequency, a 17% reduction in average claim cost, and a 39% overall risk improvement. Over half the fleets involved said this has already resulted in reduced premiums and nearly 70% have said they have seen a ROI from SmartGuard in less than 12 months. All the pilot scheme fleets are continuing to use the software.