SmartWitness is the Best Camera System We Have Ever Used – Ryan Smith, British Truck Racing Champion


n a video interview from the last truck racing meeting, Ryan Smith said: “It’s been the best camera system that we’ve used, and long may it continue. I’ve got to say that the SmartWitness camera footage is clear, it’s reliable and it’s used in the Championship, it’s used as evidence in case there are any incidents.”

The Division 1 champion pointed out that the SmartWitness cameras still come out with clear, high-resolution footage in spite of the challenging conditions involved with truck racing.

Ryan Smith added: “We’ve got a lot of G-forces due to breaking, the force of acceleration, the suspension and there’s a lot of vibration from the engine but I’ve got to say the SmartWitness camera footage is clear and reliable.”

The BTRA brought in SmartWitness this year to equip all of its competing trucks for Division 1 and 2, with video camera systems.

SmartWitness forward-facing CP2 cameras were installed in all trucks and provided VAR (Video Assistant Referee) footage for race officials at the event to investigate any suspected driving infringements.

Exclusive interview with BTRA Reigning Champion – Ryan Smith

SmartWitness’ Managing Director Paul Singh said: “It’s been an amazing season with the BTRA and we are looking forward to the climax at Brands Hatch this weekend. We have been at the heart of the racing events ever since we got involved and it’s been a massive benefit to the sport and our footage has been used for VAR adjudication purposes in every single race this year”

Paul Singh added: “We are big fans of the sport and it’s great that we have been able to make it safer and fairer, and it’s so encouraging to hear someone like Ryan Smith say that we’ve been the best camera system they’ve ever used, that makes all the hard work this year worthwhile.”

Competing trucks all have 1080p HD footage and are able to be monitored on a live stream in Race Control, thanks to the built-in 3G/4G modem and SmartView software platform. If any maneuver is thought to have contravened the rules the Clerk of the Course requests the time of the incident and then the HD footage is pulled down from the SmartView cloud server. This way the software allows officials to track back to the exact moment of alleged infringement and analyze footage frame by frame.

BTRA’s former championship director Glen Horncastle said: “The SmartWitness system and cameras are the perfect solutions to assist race officials to investigate and monitor these race trucks in race conditions.

“The SmartWitness cameras and software really impressed us and ticked all the boxes from what we needed from live video analysis.

“Not only will the Championship benefit from this relationship but so will the fans, as they will be given the opportunity of viewing truck racing from new angles and with previously unavailable vehicle telemetry.”

2019 Brands Hatch Final Race Compilation, SmartWitness & BTRA

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