SmartWitness Partners with InSight Mobile Data


SmartWitness Partners with InSight Mobile Data’s LiveCam Video Camera Solutions

SCHAUMBURG, IL April 19, 2019 – SmartWitness has partnered with Insight Mobile Data, a leading telematics service provider to expand its innovative LiveCam solutions line. InSight will now offer SmartWitness’ dashboard-mounted video camera as a combination in-cab video and GPS tracking solution for fleets looking to record driving events while also capturing real-time vehicle location and activity.

“All of the LiveCam Driver Camera Solutions are a reflection of InSight’s commitment to help organizations with mobile resources build a culture of safety by providing drivers with tools that protect and empower them,” said Doug Hawley, COO for InSight Mobile Data. “Partnering with SmartWitness to add an easy to install, combination vehicle tracking and video unit to the LiveCam family just makes sense for us, and provides a simpler dashcam solution for fleets that don’t need multiple cameras mounted in the vehicle.”

InSight’s Director of Product Development, Chris Eller added, “The engineers at SmartWitness are experts in the video telematics market, and their cameras are easy to use and integrate smoothly with our StreetEagle software platform. We’re thrilled to be able to provide our customers with an easy-install, LTE dashcam solution that provides real-time fleet tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and reliable video to capture events that can put their organizations at risk.”

SmartWitness’ CP2 model is an advanced incident camera with powerful LTE (or Wi-Fi) video transmission, built-in tracking, and telematics data. Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic accident, the trackable the camera provides instant notifications and videos of incidents.

“SmartWitness is committed to providing customers with multiple hardware and software solutions, based on actual needs,” Hawley said. “Working with SmartWitness helps us to provide solutions for those who don’t need video feeds from the sides or back of the vehicle, but still want to capture driving events and real-time location without a complicated install. For many users, it’s an ideal solution and we’re proud to be bringing it to market together.”

Nick Mirchef, President at SmartWitness said: “This will provide InSight customers with a quick and cost-effective way to integrate HD video into their telematics and tracking software. InSight Fleet customers will realize significant savings in terms of insurance claims and disputes, it will effectively limit fraudulent claims and will provide the most accurate evidence to improve driver behavior.”

About Insight Mobile Data

InSight Mobile Data develops innovative, flexible fleet management, driver safety and mobility solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment. InSight’s solutions deliver the ability to capture, analyze and integrate business-critical data from mobile resources through one platform.

About SmartWitness

SmartWitness is a world-leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of in-vehicle cameras, recorders, and software. 10 years, 50 employees, 8 product launches and 250,000 installations later, SmartWitness continues innovating and pushing the market forward. Our lineup of IOT dash cameras and accompanying REST API have allowed SmartWitness’ video and data to be seamlessly integrated with GPS tracking, telematics and fleet management software, ushering in the new era of Video Telematics. Our industry-leading safety technology has produced exceptional results for our clients and solutions which undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analyzed.