Temeda Announces Integration for In-Vehicle Camera with SmartWitness

Large semi truck hauling freight on the open highway in the western USA under an evening sky.

Industry leading optics solution gives Temeda customers unparalleled insight into heavy equipment driver behaviors. 

Naperville, IL – February 27, 2020 – Temeda, a Chicago-area Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider, today announced the debut of a new integration between the Temeda telematics platform and the industry-leading SmartWitness DDC-200 (driver distraction camera). SmartWitness, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of in-cab cameras, recorders and software, developed the device specifically to monitor equipment operator activities such as fatigue and distraction.

“Our company mission is not only to provide heavy equipment and other industrial firms with insight into the activities that occur on the road or in the field, but also to promote safety and sound business practices,” said Temeda President and CEO Scott Morey. “This integration was tailor made to foster attainment of that goal for Temeda customers.”

Driver Distraction Camera (DDC-200)
is an add-on accessory camera to any SmartWitness device

With the DDC-200 installed in the assets of Temeda’s heavy equipment customers, a continual data feed will stream to the SmartAPI Cloud. From there, the information will be shared with the Temeda Cloud, where Temeda clients can view and evaluate it through Temeda’s Camera Events Report and Live Look features.

Available information in the report includes: 

  • View camera events for all assets within the fleet
  • Review captured video/images for each event
  • Add “Notes” to any event for future reference
  • Request video from any active assets for corrective action or future use, e.g. personnel training

By pairing SmartWitness camera feeds with Temeda technology that captures physical incidents, such as hard braking, company decision makers also gain video confirmation of what operators were doing when a hard brake or other incident occurred. SmartWitness further enhances proactive safety monitoring by continually tracking repeat incidents of driver drowsiness or distraction. This insight enables Temeda customers to discern the number and length of incidents within a desired period in order to lower risk exposure.

SmartWitness CP2-LTE

“All of our cameras are already heavy-equipment ready, so this new integration provides a prime opportunity to expand visibility and security for Temeda customers,” said SmartWitness Vice President of Operations, Aaron Kim.  “In the past, if we worked with a trucking company that wanted to deploy telematics and video, they would have needed to get it from two different providers. 

Now, they can view it all within Temeda’s quantitative dashboard. Essentially, we’re wrapping video around the Temeda customer experience.” 

Temeda Quantitative Dashboard

About Temeda

Temeda is an industry-leading, software-driven company focused on building value in the industrial workplace. Developed, maintained and supported by data specialists with deep expertise in the industries we serve, Temeda solutions capture and deliver the business intelligence that supports total life-cycle management, productivity optimization and operating cost minimization, whether for a single asset or an entire fleet. Temeda’s specialized reporting and visualization solutions leverage the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help customers maximize the value in sensor and GPS data. Temeda also builds custom APIs — software connectors — to ensure compatibility with virtually any ERP, CMMS or other business intelligence system. For more information, visit temeda.com.

About SmartWitness

SmartWitness is a world-leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of in-vehicle cameras, recorders, and software. Our industry-leading vehicle equipment and API access have produced exceptional results for our clients and solutions which undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analyzed. To learn more, please visit smartwitness.com and follow us on LinkedIn.