CP4S: 4-Channel HD Vehicle DVR

Nearly 360-degree visibility across four camera angles.


Protect your drivers and business from false claims with the full picture that the SmartWitness CP4S 4-channel vehicle DVR provides.

This four-channel connected vehicle DVR operates with ultrafast 4G/LTE, uploading data 10x faster than 3G devices. With instant notification of safety-critical events and real-time location and behavior tracking, commercial vehicle owners can respond quickly when issues arise.

The CP4S vehicle DVR supports up to four SmartWitness HD (720p) cameras for crystal-clear video on all channels. Add an in-cab monitor to increase driver visibility and safety. With a nearly 360-degree view, the video tells the complete story of any incidents, quickly resolving insurance claims and exonerating drivers.

A compact, commercial-grade design makes the CP4S a fit in virtually any vehicle. Next-generation data security, automatic system health checks and protection from power disruptions keep data secure and available on demand 24/7. A Wi-Fi-only version (CP4S-W) is also available, which is perfect for existing network environments.

The CP4S is certified on Verizon, AT&T and UScellular networks (FirstNet pending).

The CP4S is a powerful, compact and discreet product that provides the ability to have up to 4 HD cameras, giving fleet managers and drivers nearly 360-degree vehicle visibility awareness. The CP4S records second-by-second data on the onboard SD card and, if an incident occurs, gathers the 10 seconds before and after the incident and sends it to the cloud for immediate viewing. This saves time and focuses the customer's attention on what needs to be seen, as opposed to sifting through hours of footage of drivers doing exactly what they should be doing.

While the law presumes innocence, commercial drivers are often assumed guilty on the scene. The incident video serves as valuable evidence, revealing the truth of what happened and protecting drivers from many of the issues faced on the roads today: insurance fraud, staged accidents, false/exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting reports of actual events, driving offense allegations (speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, distracted driving, etc.).

  • Full HD (1080p) on Channel 1, HD (720p) on Channels 2~4
  • Up to 256GB SD storage capacity; key required to access SD card
  • Various interior and exterior camera options available
  • Dual record mode (continuous + event)
  • Optional audio recording
  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition power; automated operation
  • Tamper-resistant locking case available
  • GPS data records full time to provide location data, vehicle speed and accurate time/date
  • Adjustable resolution and frame rate
  • Built-in G-shock sensor and gyro (adjustable sensitivity)
  • 6 GPIO triggers, 4 input and 2 output
  • Wired remote control and emergency/panic button for driver-activated event recording
  • Automatically detects SD error/corruption and sends notification of failure to the server (SD card formatting can be done remotely to solve the error/corruption)
  • Delay-power-shutdown feature enables recording for up to 24 hours after ignition turns off
  • Wake-up feature can be configured to automatically power on the CP4S at regular intervals to transmit location and upload pending video requests
  • Built-in temperature logic for improved performance in high-temperature environments
  • REST API available for system integration
Playback and Analysis
  • PC analysis software included
  • Compatible with SmartWitness SmartAPI for AVL/telematics integration
  • Filter data search by time/date, event, vehicle speed and G-force level
  • MP4 conversion tool with watermarked images to retain chain of evidence
  • Google Maps integration for route tracking
  • Google Earth export tool for advanced route tracking and archiving
  • Privacy-masking feature for blurring out faces or license plate numbers
  • 31-day vehicle tracking history, showing vehicle location, speed and driving style, regardless if event video was recorded or not
  • Save/print event reports
  • Over-the-air (OTA) software and firmware updates
  • With optional LCD monitor connected, view all four cameras at once or play back recorded videos in the vehicle
  • CP4S-NA vehicle recorder
  • Mounting bracket with 4 self-tapping screws
  • Remote controller (with double-sided tape)
  • Power cable
  • GPS antenna module
  • Audio/video out cable
  • Wire splice clip, Torx screw® (x2) and Torx key
  • Camera input cable
  • Audio microphone
  • LTE antennas
  • CP4 cameras: 12V plug-and-play cameras for direct connection to CP4 Channels 1-4. Various camera options available.
  • CP4-LC: steel locking cover for preventing unauthorized access to SD card. Also for hard mounting the recorder.
  • SVC7QLCD: heavy-duty high-resolution 7" LCD monitor with multi-camera display. Designed for mounting on dashboard or roof lining.

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