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Human review confirms events and trains the artificial intelligence (AI) model.

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Connected, monitored vehicle cameras can be powerful enablers, delivering structured data, insight into driver performance and immediate incident reporting.

Vehicle cameras that are not monitored do have an initial impact on driver behavior, but this is likely to return to “normal” as vehicle operators become used to having a camera on them. Monitored vehicle cameras ensure that standards are continually met and that problems are being fed back in real time.

SmartGuard is a truly connected technology solution supported by highly trained monitoring experts who are adept at spotting driver problems and alerting you of incidents as needed, enhancing speed of response at the new-claims stage.

Monitoring is all we do. We are experts in data analysis, only extracting data that is relevant for your business, reducing operational overhead. We provide support and resources at the highest level and at a fraction of the cost of your own dedicated team.

SmartGuard Monitored Vehicle Cameras: Features and Benefits

  • Operational overhead savings

  • Motoring cost reductions (fuel being one example)

  • Proactive intervention and management of innocent third-party claims against fleets and insurers

  • Significant financial savings

  • Insurance premium reductions for fleets

  • Custom driver training courses for persistent offenders

  • Improvement of driver behavior

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved risk management

A Commitment to Partnership

Video telematics is all we do. Selling through the indirect channel is the only way we do it. This commitment to partnering with clients means that everything SmartWitness does supports flawless integration and clear partner differentiation.


We’re a partner. Never a competitor.

Our commitment to the indirect channel comes to life in an application programming interface (API) that gives integrators full access to all of the features and functions that our technology enables.


SmartWitness is 100% committed to partner success.

From large telecoms needing only devices and videos to tech resellers looking for a turnkey solution, we have the products and expertise to meet the need.

Find out for yourself.

We build more than winning technologies and solutions. We build relationships.
That might just be the biggest SmartWitness difference.