Warranty and Liability

We Believe in Our Products.

At SmartWitness, we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. If you have a problem, we’ll do our best to make it right.

If you believe there are operational issues with your device, we are committed to getting things working as quickly as possible. Whether that involves exchanging for a new device or troubleshooting your current one, we will do our best to make sure you have what you need.

Connect with our Support Team at 312-981-8774 x 3 or email support@smartwitness.com with any issues.

We Are Here To Support You

Peace of Mind That Goes the Extra Mile

SmartWitness supports its products with limited warranties and handles coverage on a case-by-case basis. Please see the conditions below to know if your purchase qualifies for a new or refurbished device.

SmartWitness Warranties

SmartWitness provides its partners opportunities to buy its products under two different models. Devices acquired under either model may change the nature of the associated warranty’s coverage. SmartWitness offers the ability to purchase devices via:

  • HaaS Model: Subscribe to SmartWitness devices and services for coverage under a limited “lifetime” warranty
  • Standard Model: Own SmartWitness devices with coverage under a two-year limited hardware manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

See information regarding the warranty of each purchase model below.

HaaS limited “lifetime” warranty

SmartWitness HaaS (Hardware As A Service) limited “lifetime” warranties extend for the entire duration of a partner’s subscription to SmartWitness devices obtained under the HaaS model.

HaaS limited “lifetime” warranties apply to devices registered under the SmartWitness rental service license agreement. Please refer to this agreement and your original contract with SmartWitness to understand the details of your warranty coverage.

To learn more about this warranty, please refer to the terms outlined in HaaS limited “lifetime” and two-year limited warranty conditions.

NOTE: For the duration of your annual subscription, SmartWitness will, for no charge, provide additional remote maintenance and support services to partners via phone, based on support team availability.

Two-year limited hardware manufacturer warranty

SmartWitness products, bought under the standard purchase model, come with a two-year hardware manufacturer limited warranty from the date of purchase, regardless of shipping, delivery, or activation times.

To learn more about this warranty, please refer to the terms outlined in HaaS limited “lifetime” and two-year limited warranty conditions.

HaaS limited “lifetime” and two-year limited warranty conditions

If the purchaser of the device experiences product failure or defects under normal working conditions, the product will be repaired or replaced at SmartWitness’ discretion. SmartWitness will repair or replace your product with a new or refurbished device, without charge for parts or labor related to the product’s issues.

These warranties extend to consumers who purchase products in the United States, Canada and Mexico and are only transferable or assignable if it’s a SmartWitness device.

  1. Products/devices subject to abnormal use or condition, accident, misleading, neglect, unauthorized alterations, misuse, improper installation or repair, or improper storage.
  2. Products whose mechanical serial number or electronic serial number have been removed, altered, or defaced.
  3. Damage resulting from connection to or use of any accessory or other product not approved or authorized by SmartWitness.
  4. Defects in appearance, cosmetic, decorative, or structural items such as framing and non-operative parts.
  5. Damage from external causes such as moisture, humidity, temperature, fire, flooding, dirt, sand, extreme weather conditions, battery leakage, a blown fuse, theft or improper usage of any electrical source.

NOTE: Our liability under warranty is limited to the repair or replacement mentioned above. In no event will SmartWitness’ liability exceed the purchase price paid by the purchaser for the product.

End-of-life Product Support

SmartWitness will notify resellers and distributors of a product’s end-of-life. Resellers or distributors can order SmartWitness products for a “last buy” to satisfy their clients.

SmartWitness provides end-of-life product support for at least six (6) months after the end-of-life announcement.

End-of-life support includes critical bug fixes and the service conditions of a valid warranty.

If an end-of-life product is defective under its associated warranty and not repairable, we’ll replace it with functionally equivalent hardware.

Start Your Return

If the conditions of the HaaS limited “lifetime” or two-year limited hardware manufacturer warranty outlined above apply to you, you may qualify for a new or refurbished product.

Continue to the RMA process page to begin your return. Follow the guidelines and steps provided to ensure a safe, acceptable return shipment of your product.


SmartWitness disclaims liability for:

  • Costs of removal and reinstallation of the products.
  • Geographic coverage.
  • Inadequate signal reception from the antenna.
  • Range of cellular communications or operations of the cellular system.
  • External factors outside of SmartWitness’ control. *(For example: Network Sunset)

SmartWitness is NOT responsible for and WILL NOT GUARANTEE restoration for:

  • Any personal information or memory data contained in, stored on, or integrated with any of our wireless devices using third-party software (whether under warranty or not).
  • Any special, consequential, or incidental damages in breach of the warranty defined above.
  • Costs of delay of service or loss of use during the RMA fulfillment process.
  • The accuracy of any tax determination by SmartWitness, failure of clients to remit any such taxes, and any resulting interest, additions to tax, surcharges or other expenses incurred.

Any warranties, expressed or implied, are confined to the conditions of the warranties mentioned above.

SmartWitness representatives are not authorized to assume any liability on behalf of SmartWitness other than involvement with the process of product sale, repair, or replacement.

*External factors defined in SmartWitness Reseller Agreement, Section 12.