Video Evidence Captured

High-Resolution cameras capture images of the road and (optionally) inside, rear, and sides of the vehicle.

GPS Location Recorded

Built-in GPS/Glonass provides precise event location, driving route, vehicle speed & direction.

Network Connected

Cellular connectivity provides real-time images, live location, and on-demand video access.

Events & Driver analysed

Detailed telemetry data enables accurate scoring for driver coaching purposes and reducing claims.

Award Winning Products & Services

SmartWitness encourages safer driving, reduces costs and increases efficiency.  We work with Fleets, Insurers, and Telematics Service Providers to identify, record and report key driving information in real-time. 

Claim Cost
Claim Frequency
Overall Risk Improvement
Disputed Claims Reduction
Return on Investment in First Year

Choose Your Solution

Video Alerts
Our video alerts solution, SmartMail, was developed with the small/medium fleet operator in mind. It delivers driver safety and protection information to you within moments of an incident taking place. That may be a road collision, an unsafe braking/speeding event, a driver-initiated panic button or where someone just feels unsafe and wants to know you’re looking out for them. SmartMail utilises the lowest amount of cellular data of all our solutions, as a result, is the most affordable SmartWitness solution.
Video Tracking
Our video tracking solution, SmartView, is similar to SmartMail but has more advanced features such a vehicle location tracking and drive behaviour reports. SmartView is a perfect solution for fleets who require all of the benefits of in-vehicle video and basic GPS tracking. SmartView is also available as a white-label solution for reseller partners and enterprise fleet customers.
Video Telematics
Our video telematics solution, SmartAPI, enables SmartWitness video and data to be seamlessly integrated into your existing tracking/telematics software. This powerful solution is currently available on dozens of telematics solutions, with many more in the works. Combining video with telematics data, such as ELD, HOS, IFTA, dispatching, and other fleet management technologies, provides a robust video+telematics solution to fit the most demanding fleet needs.
Driver Analytics
Our driver analytics solution, SmartGuard, is a context-aware, behaviour analytics solution that provides deep insight into how and why people drive the way they do. It incorporates powerful contextual behaviour analytics, a purposeful scoring system, and positive reinforcement driver coaching that enables people, organisations, governments, and society to pro-actively increase safety, together with a positive ROI. SmartGuard utilises the existing drive data captured from our camera systems and is an optional add-on to any of our cloud video solutions. We also have a free app for iOS and Android which utilises GPS and sensor data from your smart phone to provide personal drive reporting.

This is Video Telematics

How it Works and Why SmartWitness?

The evidence is overwhelming: Trucks and Commercial fleets are found to be at fault at a much lower rate than private car drivers when there is a road incident. Commercial fleet owners and drivers can protect themselves and save time & costs with the concrete evidence SmartWitness technology provides. SmartWitness combines the ease of use and simple form factor of a "dash camera" with the added security, technology, and feature set of a more expensive mobile DVR.

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What SmartWitness Customers are Saying

The cameras have definitely improved the behaviour of the chauffeurs because our at fault accident rate has reduced by almost half to about four or five accidents per month compared with the same five month period last year. I would estimate we will save about £60,000 a year based on fewer accidents and because we will be less likely to be targeted by 'cash for crash' fraud. We also expect our insurance premiums to reduce next year.

Janusz Kozlowski, Tristar Worldwide
SmartWitness enables operators and drivers to defend themselves. The video shows any accident or incident clearly and exactly who is to blame. We put the system in our vehicles in June last year, mainly because our insurer had asked for what we felt was a higher than reasonable increase in our premium... We agreed to put the cameras in and the insurer agreed to reduce the premium!

Chris Pickles, Devereux Transport & Distribution

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