Easily Integrate SmartWitness into any Web Application

Our REST API combined with webhooks and Device Management Software makes Video Telematics a reality!

Smart API Data Flow
Smart API Architecture

Live Streaming

Event Notifications

Location Tracking

Surveillance / Security

Behaviour Reporting

On-Demand Video Upload

  • Live images and HD video delivered directly to your platform
  • Postman package and sample API client makes integration fast & easy
  • Utilise SmartWitness GPS and accelerometer data (stand-alone) or continue to use your tracker hardware
  • Over-the-Air provisioning, configuration, and firmware updates with included workstation software
  • Data, hosting, and device setup all included in one simple price, a true turn-key solution
  • Create industry leading USPs
  • Enhance your user experience and increase client ROI (and the speed at which it's returned)
  • Increase ARPU/ACV spend with your new and existing clients
  • Improve customer retention
  • SmartWitness does not sell telematics to end users, we are not a competitor to our telematics partners

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