SmartView - Video Tracking

Video Alerts, Live Playback, & Location Tracking

Live Streaming

Event Notifications

Location Tracking

Trip History/ Geo-fencing

Behaviour Reporting

On-Demand HD Video

SmartWitness SmartView Video Tracking Solution
SmartWitness SmartView Video Tracking Solution2
Features & Benefits
  • Video evidence to exonerate you and your driver from false claims
  • Built-in Mic, G-Sensor and GPS to provide crucial evidence during incident analysis
  • Live Vehicle Location tracking
  • Vehicle Trip History Reports
  • On-Demand Live Streaming Video
  • Audible alarm option to encourage safe driving behaviours in real-time to the driver
  • SmartAnalysis software to review, backup, report, and share incident video/data
  • Potential insurance premium protection/reduction
  • Theft/crime deterrent
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution
  • Proven reduction of incident frequency
  • Proven reduction of disputed claims

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