Video telematics delivers a truer truth for fleet safety and protection. And no one does video telematics better than us.

We’re SmartWitness, a video telematics pioneer and industry leader with world-class technology and highly competitive capabilities. We’re here to enable our partners to help fleet operators improve driving behaviors, reduce risk and mitigate claims.


New software add-on to reduce false alerts by up to 10x. Improve fleet productivity and performance.

SmartWitness technology consistently shows a powerful, positive impact on risk.


Reduction of Disputed Claims


Reduction of Claim Frequency


Reduction of Overall Risk

To date, SmartWitness has integrated with 40-plus partners to deploy video telematics cameras in hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide.

A Truer Truth

A Truer Truth.

Video telematics delivers a truth that traditional telematics cannot — not only the what, where and when of an incident, but also the how and why. As a leader in video telematics for more than a decade, SmartWitness consistently delivers a truer truth than other providers.


A Truer Picture
A Truer Partner

Everything you need to differentiate, all from one provider.

More Robust and Reliable Hardware.

SmartWitness video telematics hardware has some of the lowest failure rates in the industry. We offer an array of cameras and DVRs to fit any need.

More Sophisticated Software.

Hardware is the means to an end. Our portfolio of advanced software solutions is the magic that turns video into value.

A Commitment to Partnership

Video telematics is all we do. Selling through the indirect channel is the only way we do it. This commitment to partnering with clients means that everything SmartWitness does supports flawless integration and clear partner differentiation.


We’re a partner. Never a competitor.

Our commitment to the indirect channel comes to life in an application programming interface (API) that gives integrators full access to all of the features and functions that our technology enables.


SmartWitness is 100% committed to partner success.

From large telecoms needing only devices and videos to tech resellers looking for a turnkey solution, we have the products and expertise to meet the need.

Find out for yourself.

We build more than winning technologies and solutions. We build relationships.
That might just be the biggest SmartWitness difference.