Install it Right the First Time.

Make sure your solution works the way it should on day one with trained, SmartWitness-certified installers.

Many think installation is a given. Anyone can do it, right? Wrong. Too often, installation issues can sabotage pilot programs and derail relationships by causing hiccups in the beginning. SmartWitness can help.

Installer training and certification

SmartWitness offers a comprehensive training and certification program, including online training guides and on-site support, to make sure pilots and critical installations are successful.

  • Training guides: SmartWitness provides online installation training guides and videos to accelerate the learning curve
  • SmartWitness installation experts provide onsite training and certification

We succeed when you succeed

We are 100% dedicated to the indirect channel. That means if our partners don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Skilled, knowledgeable installers are key to our mutual success, contributing to increased conversion rate and higher end user satisfaction. And once certified, installers can become a part of the SmartWitness Vendor Referral Program.

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